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The NBC / CBRN Protection Filter is a new type of protective filter that was specially developed for protection against the use of Virus bacteria, weapons of mass destruction or leaks of highly hazardous substances. 
NBC Gasmask Protection Filter 
This is the most protective filter on the market. 
The design of the filter provides low breathing resistance and, at the same time, a high level of user protection. The filter is compatible with all types of military and civil protective masks and powered filtering devices with Rd 40x1/7” threads .
The NBC /CBRN filter in combination with a full-face protective mask or powered respirator, provides reliable protection of air passages against solid particles, aerosols, irritant sprays (OC), smoke-producing substances, highly toxic particles, radioactive fallout, biological warfare agents – moulds, bacteria, viruses; irritants, choking, blister and nerve paralyzing, generally poisonous and psychoactive substances, such as: bromebenzylcyanide (CA), chloroacetophenone (CN), CR and CS substances, organic compounds of arsenic – CLARK I (DA), CLARK II (DC), adamsite (DM); phosgene (CG), diphosgene (DP), chloropicrin (PS); mustard gas (H), sulphur mustard gas (HD), T-mustard gas, Q-mustard gas, nitrogen mustard gases (HN1, HN2, HN3), lewisite (L), mixed mustard gas (H-L); G-agents: sarin (GB), cyklosin (GF) soman (GD), tabun (GA), IVA (GV), V-agents: VX, VR; hydrogen cyanide (AC), cyanides, cyanogen chloride (CK), BZ agent and harmful industrial pollutants according to the type of filter.
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20-year shelf life in seal
Military-spec filtration technology deployed by army and NATO troops across the world. 40mm 1/7” NATO threading.
Protects from a wide range of harmful and highly toxic substances, including CBRN agents used in warfare.
The CBRN filters are vacuum packed and can therefore be kept for 20 years.
Thread: STANAG 4155 - Rd 40 mm

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NBC / CBRN Protection Filter
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NBC / CBRN Protection Filter
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